Sunset at the Coast

Some eight months has passed since I last made a video about fat biking. This is mainly down to my poor old back which has been giving me trouble on and off over the years. I find that making cycling videos just doesn’t help at all.

For each clip in the video I have to put down the bike, setup the camera, pick up the bike again, ride the shot, put down the bike, collect the camera and pick up the bike. This might not seem much but when you realise I might record anything between 50 and 100 separate clips you will see what I mean.

Not really much to say about this video, so I’ll let the video itself do the talking as it were. However, my ride started at a small quarry on the road between Aberlady and Gullane, from there, I followed the road into and though Gullane and into Archerfield at the lodge. I then followed the track through the trees that runs down to the coast and back along th coast to the car. Enjoy.

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